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Thanks for your interest in career opportunities with the Salem Police Department. We provide a wide array of public protective services consistent with the function of most police agencies in America. With the City of Salem Virginia however, the police department goes beyond the common descriptors of “customary and traditional” to the phenomenal, higher levels of professional service!

As such, the Salem Police Department seeks individuals who are not only physically and emotionally prepared to engage in this most honorable profession, but are academically and mentally prepared to exercise good judgment based upon rational thought.

The law enforcement profession has in times past been portrayed as a rigorous, demanding endeavor in which brawn and physical prowess have been the desirable features for an applicant to possess. Modern strategies and technologies have for the most part dismissed this perception. The police officer of this day must be analytical and proficient with information technology. Communication skills are essential. In short we look for people-friendly, compassionate and service-oriented personalities.

Our motto at Salem Police is “ready to serve.” We practice this daily; we continually center our thinking and the way we do our jobs on this concept. Are you up to the challenge to serve? If you are, I am looking forward to reviewing your application and possibly making you a part of “our family.”


As you begin your career with Salem Police you will be under the supervision of seasoned professionals who will act as mentors and counselors to help you aspire to and fulfill your goals. There are many specializations and functions to choose from. It is our belief that every individual possesses gifts and talents that lend themselves well to professional accomplishment and personal satisfaction. We want to help you find them and ACHIEVE!

Upon completion of entry level and field training you will have developed a fairly comprehensive perception of the skill areas that interest you. Evidence technician, criminal investigator, or emergency response team member are several specializations to name a few. You decide!

After three years of employment you will be eligible to participate in testing for promotional opportunities which generally lead to positions such as police sergeant and lieutenant. These are the supervisory and management levels of the Salem Police Department in which experience, training and leadership ability are tempered together to provide the employee with the ultimate in professional accomplishment and personal satisfaction.

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