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Thanks for your interest in career opportunities with the Salem Police Department. We provide a wide array of public protective services consistent with the function of most police agencies in America. With the City of Salem Virginia however, the police department goes beyond the common descriptors of “customary and traditional” to the phenomenal, higher levels of professional service!

As such, the Salem Police Department seeks individuals who are not only physically and emotionally prepared to engage in this most honorable profession, but are academically and mentally prepared to exercise good judgment based upon rational thought.

The law enforcement profession has in times past been portrayed as a rigorous, demanding endeavor in which brawn and physical prowess have been the desirable features for an applicant to possess. Modern strategies and technologies have for the most part dismissed this perception. The police officer of this day must be analytical and proficient with information technology. Communication skills are essential. In short we look for people-friendly, compassionate and service-oriented personalities.

Our motto at Salem Police is “ready to serve.” We practice this daily; we continually center our thinking and the way we do our jobs on this concept. Are you up to the challenge to serve? If you are, I am looking forward to reviewing your application and possibly making you a part of “our family.”



You can qualify to become a member of the Salem Police Department if you meet these basic employment requirements:

  1. Applicant must be a United States Citizen
  2. Applicant must be at least 21 years old
  3. Applicant must be in sound physical and mental condition
  4. A high moral standard is required of all applicants and a conviction of any felony or serious misdemeanor is grounds for disqualification
  5. There is no minimum height or weight requirement; however, the applicant’s weight must be in proportion to height
  6. Applicant must possess a valid Virginia operator’s license at the time of appointment
  7. Convictions of certain driving offenses such as driving under the influence or having minus (-) 8 driving points or more are grounds for disqualification
  8. Applicant must be a high school graduate or possess a G.E.D.; however, the Salem Police Department places a strong emphasis on higher education.

All questions concerning basic employment requirements should be directed to the Recruitment Manager at the Salem Police Department at (540) 375-3083.

Where and How to Apply:

You should contact the City of Salem Human Resources, 114 North Broad Street, Salem, Virginia 24153. Telephone: (540) 375-3060. Applicants may also complete an on-line application at

Office hours are 9:00AM to 5:00PM, Monday through Friday.

The City of Salem is an Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity Employer.

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