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The Salem Police Department possesses a rich and honorable heritage. With an authorized strength of 106 full-time and part time employees, the Department's primary mission is to protect the life, individual liberty and property of all people within the City of Salem, Virginia.

With the passage of over seventy five years of professional service, three officers have provided the ultimate sacrifice. They stand today as symbols of courage and honor to the men and women who currently serve the City in the most honorable profession....policing.

Salem Police received 27,031 calls for service in 2013.

Number of sworn employees: 65
Number of full-time civilian non sworn employees: 28
Number of part-time civilian non sworn employees: 13
Total number of employees: 106

These 106 employees serve the City of Salem with pride. Each member strives to fulfill the Department's mission to be best of their abilities. We hope the following information helps you understand the dynamics of the department.

Values and Principles of the Salem Police Department

The Statement of Values and Principles expresses the concepts that are precious to us as public service professionals. Our daily demonstration of these values both on and off duty serves as relevant evidence of our belief in our Mission and acceptance of responsibilities as public servants.


CONSISTENCY in the application and enforcement of laws and ordinances.
RELIABILITY in our efforts to prevent and solve crimes and to protect life.
OBJECTIVITY manifested by each employee, realizing there are multiple perceptions, opinions and "two sides to a story."
FAIRNESS in the way we interact with persons; without prejudice, unbiased and equitable.
TRUTH is the ultimate goal of any investigation or inquiry.


CONFIDENCE in our training and developed skills provides the impetus for quality performance of duty as police professionals.
PREPAREDNESS with regard to our mindset and thought processes; realizing the potentials that we may face and responsibilities that we are sworn to perform as law enforcement practitioners.
COHESIVENESS is reflected in out "team concept" as a department of skilled men and women working together toward a common goal.
DISCIPLINED describes the employee who maintains self control in all situations and is based upon drill and training.
COURTESY is an intangible component of our uniform; manners are polished with due respect provided by all.


INTEGRITY means absolute honesty, fairness and dependability in our words, thoughts and deeds.
is the ability to endure hardship and still perform; "it is holding on when the rest have let go."
describes the employee who is not arrogant, self-serving or inflated; he or she is teachable, authority oriented and responsive.
for the suffering or the distressed with the desire to alleviate the hurt is imperative.

For Emergencies Please Dial 911


Call (540) 375-3078


36 East Calhoun St.
Salem, Virginia 24153


(540) 375-4015




8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday

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